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Semi-finished furniture products allow you to shorten the production cycle. We are very flexible in our response. As a result, finalizing your end product will be quicker and cheaper.

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Pronap is a subcontractor
of semi-finished furniture products

Pronap is a custom
furniture manufacturer

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Pronap is a self-sufficient Czech company supporting the local business environment. We provide interesting job opportunities to our community. No need to commute long distances for work. But most importantly: Pronap has always been and continues to be synonymous with decent treatment and flexibility in approaching our employees’ different needs - in short, the home environment.


Traditional company

PRONAP (by the way, the name is directly derived from its production activity and means “production of semi-finished furniture products” in Czech: PROdukce NÁbytkových Polotovarů) was established in 2000 and follows on from the successful era of JITONA a.s. Soběslav in Starý Plzenec that had been a long-established producer of semi-finished products. For decades, we have been proving to our customers that they will save time and money by reducing production costs when using semi-finished furniture products.

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